Puss in Hoots and Inventive Genius of Garnish

Puss in Hoots and Inventive Genius of Garnish


Lehanmore Community Centre saw the return of the Christmas Panto after a break of a few years. This was to be the ninth time the panto would happen in the centre. First off were the children of Cahermore National school who acted a fine story “The Inventive Genius of Garnish”. Then it was the adults turn with “Puss in Hoots”. Lehanmore would like to thank, everybody who took part in the Panto, the staff at the centre, the sponsors of the many prizes for the raffles and of course the public for coming and filling the hall four nights running. The Panto is the biggest fund raiser that the Community centre has, so very much appreciated.

The video is in three parts 20 minutes of the preparation followed by both Panto’s in full.


The 2022 Christmas Pantos, kids and Adults




Panto 1 Friday Night

Panto 2 Saturday Night